June 6, 2017 | by John
Pokemon Direct Reveals Pokken, Ultra Sun/Moon, Virtual Console Games

This morning’s Pokemon Direct was a real head scratcher. Everyone expected Game Freak to make the easy layup of a Sun and Moon sequel on the Switch, but instead we got a whole lot of confusion.

Pokken Tournament is getting the Deluxe port treatment, with the title coming to Switch on September 22nd. The four missing fighters from the arcade edition will be added, as well as Decidueye from Sun and Moon. Pokken is an excellent game so if you missed it on Wii U, I highly recommend the Switch port, so long as it runs well.

Strangely enough, the next mainline Pokemon games were casually mentioned mid-Pokken reveal. Pokemon Ultra Sun and Pokemon Ultra Moon will release November 17th for 3DS, and will include an alternate story and some mixed and matched Pokemon. The trailer showed Lunala and Solgaleo in some Mewtwo Strikes Back style headgear, so the story will seemingly be vastly different from last year’s games. Let’s hope there’s more to it than that, especially since it’s not coming to Switch like everyone wanted.

Finally, Pokemon Gold and Silver will be releasing on 3DS Virtual Console September 22nd (same day as Pokken Deluxe). These ports will work with Pokemon Bank, and while that’s all well and good, it’s pretty confusing that there’s no Virtual Console port of Crystal to go along with this.

I’ve never seen so many confusing announcements in one eight minute package. While I am excited for everything shown here, I’m also left wondering why Game Freak didn’t go a step further. Sun and Moon were such forward thinking games, and now it seems the developer has fallen back into its old habits.


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