June 12, 2017 | by VGCC Staff
Playstation VR E3 2017 Trailer Roundup

It wouldn’t be a show about electronics if virtual reality didn’t show up somewhere right? After days of wondering who would be the first to say those magical words, Playstation stepped up and revealed an entire slate of upcoming VR titles. Look for these games coming soon to a PS VR helmet near you.

Moss is all about being the cutest little mouse running around the world. What more do you need to fall in love with such a charming game?

Final Fantasy XV VR will finally be coming so you can finally fish and crack open some cold ones with your chocobros. You’ll bait your hook this September.

Star Child is an atmospheric space adventure where you guide around a lady astronaut on strange new worlds.

It wouldn’t be VR is Bethesda wasn’t somehow mentioned, right? Skyrim, yes that game you’ve probably purchased at least twice, will be coming to virtual reality. I won’t buy this unless I have to physically yell to use the dragon shouts.

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