July 8, 2015 | by Ryan
PlayStation Now Service Gets Total Overhaul
PS4 streaming service launches dedicated subscription app

After over a year of operation, Sony has “completely redesigned” their PS4 game streaming service PlayStation Now by launching a standalone app for users of the service. Prior to today, PlayStation Now titles were accessed through navigating a labyrinth of menus in the PlayStation Store – the new app now makes the whole thing user-friendly, especially for those familiar with streaming sites like Netflix. Games are presented with large splash images and only the essential information such as a basic summary, user reviews, and the game’s rating. Sony is also releasing Resistance 3 onto the service to commemorate the new app, as well as the usual five games for the month, which include Infamous: Festival of Blood, and Rachet & Clank: All 4 One.

Altogether, the new app design makes a lot of sense, why not take a look at the biggest streaming sites and see what they’re doing right? It’s all extremely streamlined and apparently meant to replace the “transactional” feel of the admittedly complicated previous system. It’s a welcome change, especially for subscribers who are paying between $15-20 a month for the service. Assuming PlayStation Now subscription continues to grow with the release of this new app, it could lead to a new direction in the way digital games are presented to players.

Check out some images of the new UI below:



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