March 2, 2017 | by Ryan
Overwatch’s New Hero Is A Beefy Robot

Remember Overwatch? Of course you do. Blizzard’s been hinting at a new hero for a while now, dropping clues which regarded a young robotics developer in the game’s city of Numbani. Speculation ran wild, predicting everything from the in-game legend Doomfist to a weird blue robot spider thing. That second guess is half right, as Blizarrd has just announced the hero Orisa, a bulky robot centaur tank.

The announcement video displays the creation of Orisa, made by the aforementioned pint-sized roboticist to protect the city of Numbani. The trailer is mostly art animatics, but thankfully, Blizzard has already posted an official webpage for the upcoming hero. The blurb cites Orisa as “the central anchor of her team,” with a whole slew of abilities to both help and hinder.

Some of Orisa’s abilities include a “Fusion Driver” gun, which deals hefty damage but slows Orisa while she uses it, and an ability called “Fortify,” which reduces incoming damage. In addition, she wields a smaller gravitron ability similar to Zarya’s ultimate, and can also throw out a stationary protective barrier. The move which seems to be her Ultimate is called “Supercharger,” and it releases a device which boosts allies’ damage.

There’s no wide release date on Orisa as of yet aside from “Coming Soon,” but it’s likely we’ll see her hit within the month, as she’s already on the PTR servers. It’s cool to see another robot added to the game, especially one with such a neat design and a varied moveset. After Orisa, the only category of heroes not to receive an update since launch will be the “Defense” class, so it’s likely that’ll be Blizzard’s next character.

Check out Orisa’s official page here, and check out her announcement trailer below:


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