July 12, 2016 | by Rose
Overwatch’s Healing Sniper Officially Revealed (Update)

Update: Blizzard has further elaborated on changes coming with the Ana release patch. D.va’s shield ability will be getting a toggle mode, similar to Reinhardt’s shield, where you’ll be able to activate and keep it going for a certain amount of time. Zenyatta will be gaining shields, as well as increased movement speed and healing when using his Ultimate ability. And Mercy will also be slightly changed, with a stronger damage boost, and an Ultimate that now generates slower, but can be used while moving.

On the competitive side of things, Blizzard will be restricting hero usage in ranked matches to one of each hero per team, preventing both that dude on your side who thinks 3 defense tracers are the new meta, and those dudes on the other team who are having a great time Mei’ing it up.

Original Story: After months and months of teasing Blizzard formally announced the next hero to fill Overwatch’s fun and varied roster of heroes and villains. Formerly known to fans as Sombra, Pharah’s mysterious “dead” mother, Ana is a support sniper who will round out the roles as a fifth support hero.

Ana will be able heal allies from a long range by shooting them with healing bullets, which luckily wont accidentally heal any enemies she hits because they will do the thing snipers usually do when they shoot enemies, lots of damage. Her sniper also has an alternate fire that allows her to fire a sleeping dart that acts as a temporary stun, allowing her to straight up stop some heroes’ ultimates.

Her other abilities include a short range AoE grenade that will both heal and supply a healing buff to any allies who manage to get caught up in it. Like with her bullets, Ana’s grenade will also damage any enemies who get hit by it so, sorry, no accidental healing there either.

Finally, Nano Boost is her ultimate ability which allows her to buff the rest of the teams damage, movement speed, and defense.

Coming with Ana are some balance changes for heroes like D.va and Zenyatta, which will be elaborated on in future patch notes.

You can see Ana snipe it up in some gameplay footage below, or try her out now on Overwatch’s Public Test Realm.


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