June 9, 2017 | by VGCC Staff
Our Hopes for E3 2017

E3 is only hours away! As the inevitable tidal wave of news and games comes our way, it can be easy to get caught up in the “who’s winning?” discourse. So let’s toss that stuff aside and focus on the fun stuff. Here are the VGCC staff’s hopes and dreams for this year’s E3. What are you hoping to see?

Ryan: I usually don’t do a lot of research into potential E3 announcements, mostly because I like to be surprised. This year, however, I’m already looking forward to Nintendo’s Spotlight stream. That’s mostly because the Switch is the first Nintendo non-handheld I’ve been genuinely interested in since, well, the Nintendo 64. I’m willing to give the Zelda franchise a spin for the first time, but I also need some assurance that if I buy a Switch, it won’t just be a $300 Puyo Puyo Tetris machine. Sure, Super Mario Odyssey looks great from the little bit we’ve seen, but I’d love to have a peek at more of it, and even something as small as an Animal Crossing teaser or a Smash port would go a long way in convincing me to bite the bullet. That being said, Nintendo will do what they always do, which is another way of saying I’m not expecting too much that’ll sway me. I’m also keeping my eyes open for Sony, since the PS4 is generally more my wheelhouse, and they’ve had a recent history of solid E3 announcements. Even then, I think my pipe dreams of Kingdom Hearts 3 news will remain exactly that.


Trex: Since I first began keeping up with E3 a few years back, I’ve always drawn a specific liking to the Nintendo Spotlight segment. Many of the other segments tend to announce hit-or-miss news for me, but Nintendo has never disappointed. With this year’s release of the Switch, I have high hopes for further information regarding things like Super Mario Odyssey, Splatoon 2, and ARMS, or perhaps even brand new games. Boy, I would kill for some sort of hint that a new Animal Crossing game is in the works, but I also don’t want to set high expectations only to be let down. I’m confident I will be happy with anything Nintendo has in store for us, and while I eagerly await the Spotlight, I’ll be keeping up with any Square Enix news and Kingdom Hearts 3 updates.

Scott: E3 is that beautiful time of year where the games? They happen. And they happen HARD. And ANYTHING can happen. That’s why the thing I’m most excited about at this is my friend Cloud Strife taking the stage and telling everyone that Aeris will be fine this time in the FF7 remake. He knows Sephiroth is gonna try and kill her and he’s gonna be super prepared to stop him. He’s also gonna say that even though him and Tifa are really good friends, Aeris (spelled Aerith in the original Japanese dub) is his true one and only love and they’re going to be together forever even in the lifestream. I would also really like Nintendo to finally tell me that Smash is coming to Switch. They made a point of saying they’re only going to be talking about games coming out this year (and BOY would I love to have more games to play on this thing), and it’s totally possible this goes unmentioned again on account of a later release but. Please. Please Nintendo. Please. I need this. I really do. Why are you doing this to me? Why? Are you mad at me Reggie? What did I do to you, Reggie? Please…

MichaelThe unknown. As technology has grown and matured, information has become currency. When E3 surprises aren’t being leaked by insiders or spies, the companies are even streaming out their own secrets accidentally. So as E3 week dawns on us all and the conferences are ready to begin, let us take solace that there still could be something we don’t know. Despite all the blogs, sneaky reporters, and now the legions of fans swarming to the LA convention center, something will surprise and excite us. It’s that feeling that still excites me about E3. Maybe Microsoft will cart out VR on Scorpio, maybe Nintendo will have Pikmin 4, maybe Sony will cancel Shenmue 3, or something else equally as amazing. It’s nice to just relax and enjoy the unknown every so often.


Niall: Look. You can talk about the fuckin’ Scorpio all you want. You can burst your bladder in anticipation of Super Mario Odyssey. You can light all the candles in vigil towards Death Stranding and that schmuck Hideo Kojima that you please. At the end of the day though, none of that shit matters, because amidst all the hype, expensive stage-shows and soulless Ubisoft shilling, there’s a single, lonesome beacon of light, hope, and joyous bliss rising over the horizon. That ray of sunshine is none other than my dad, DC The Brain Supreme himself, “The Big Dog” Davey Cage and his magnum opus; Detroit: Become Human. As gaming’s one true messiah and the only legitimate auteur to ever grace the medium, the world (by which I mean me) waits with baited breath to see how Big Breakfast himself changes the game as only he can. Fahrenheit, Heavy Rain, and Beyond: Two Souls are all masterpieces (and I will stab you if you suggest otherwise), so I can only assume that Detroit will be rightfully hailed – by me – as humanity’s greatest achievement upon release. It’s been in development for so long now that there’s also a decent chance it releases on my birthday, and if that happens I will be absolutely unbearable for the rest of the year. Thanks.

Rose: Since the departure of Scalebound from this world, I’ve been left wondering what I even have left to hope for, if not Hideki Kamiya dragons. It’ll be interesting to see whether or not Nintendo can show off the new exciting exclusives the Switch so desperately needs; be they console staples like Animal Crossing and Metroid, or new partnerships like whatever the hell that Switch FromSoftware game is. It’s even more interesting to wonder about just how the Scorpio will pan out for Microsoft, and what games will even end up filling that beast of a console’s library (other than Crackdown 3). From Sony the only thing I could ever ask for is a theoretical Bloodborne 2, or something even in the VEIN (haha) of it, though with how busy FromSoft seems to be, and how many Soulsian games they’ve been making in the past few years, I would not begrudge them some time away. Outside of the big three the only thing I’m left excited about is pretty much anything Square Enix talks about, because that company has for better or worse made up the bulk of my favorite games for a large chunk of my life, and if they can pull off another wild mystery announcement like Nier: Automata’s from way back when, I’m all for it. (Kingdom Hearts 3 would be nice to see, but I’m pretty sure Nomura is going to die from all these projects he’s been working on for a decade so I doubt it’ll be at the show, but I’d be excited regardless).


John: I realize this is a bit of a stretch, but of course I want to see the next No More Heroes. It’s a bit early, but Suda was so coy with any information as to what that game would be. Would it look or play anything like the original games? How would Suda’s collaborations with indie developers change the concepts? How will HD rumble change the beam katana charging? I have so many questions, and I want them to be answered. Other than this, I agree with most everyone else that Switch news is what I’m most interested in. Smash with new characters, Mario gameplay, and some surprises would whet my whistle. Sony and Microsoft are still important to me, but I’m still a Nintendo kid at heart, and this is their year to push it to the limit.

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