November 9, 2015 | by VGCC Staff
Our Extra Life Plans

As you might be aware of, Extra Life is a 24 hour long stream to raise money for children’s hospitals and the Children’s Miracle Network. Over the years this stream has been joined by hundreds of websites and thousands of streamers who play games for 24 hours and ask viewers to send in donations. This year, Video Game Choo Choo is joining in, and on Nov. 14th/15th we will be streaming out ourselves playing games, for the kids.

For those who don’t know Extra Life has been doing this for years and has raised millions for sick children in the hospital. The money raised is sent to a hospital of the fundraisers choosing, our’s is the All Children’s Hospital of St. Petersburg, and used to buy video games for the kids to play and enjoy. It gives children who can’t leave the hospital something to do to remind them the joys of being a kid and in some cases game systems like the Wii can even give kids basic physical therapy.

Streaming schedule (All times are in ET):

Michael’s stream:

Saturday, Nov.14th. 12pm-12am



John/Ryan’s stream:

Sunday, Nov.15th. 3pm-3am


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