April 24, 2015 | by Michael
Nintendo Virtual Console all about the N64

Nintendo Virtual console should be the most robust games catalog in the industry. Fans should flock to each new Nintendo hardware hoping that their beloved old school titles will crop up and once again nostalgia will rule their bedrooms. But let’s face facts, Nintendo has never been very good with redistributing their back catalog onto new hardware. While we do see some classics appear from time to time, it isn’t the amazing collection we all really want. That dream ship took a torpedo to the side after a community manager from long time publisher Natsume mentioned that Nintendo would be moving off of the SNES and “onto other classic systems”, which seems to mean the Nintendo 64.

The Super Nintendo is Nintendo’s most “classic” system if you ask me. Sure I wouldn’t mind having the chance to overpay for old games I already own but the SNES is just old enough to be in a golden era of games. Nintendo can only do so much however. Work hours aren’t infinite and you can’t make everyone happy. Getting the classic titles out on Virtual Console makes the most sense even if it means the medium tier titles get ignored. More people would buy Mario 64 than Pocky & Rocky.

One day, maybe we’ll all have our virtual arcades where we drift from childhood memory to childhood memory. Able to play those long lost titles we only remember watching over our older sibling’s shoulder. Games no longer have to age and sit in a box and Nintendo is treading water in an ocean of classic titles. The Virtual Console will have to be a place where we revisit the absolute classics instead of the locked away treasures we all hope for.

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