October 28, 2015 | by John
Nintendo Strategy Briefing Roundup

Nintendo just finished a strategy meeting where new CEO Tatsumi Kimishima went into details about the future of the Big N. Here’s some things we learned:

Nintendo’s currently known roster of games isn’t all we’re getting this year. Both Wii U and 3DS will see new releases that we don’t know before the ball drops Dec. 31st. My guess is that one of them will be Twilight Princess HD.

The membership service to replace Club Nintendo is called Nintendo Account. It will connect phone and console games with a cloud-based service, hopefully allowing cloud backups a-la PS+.

Nintendo’s first smartphone game has been pushed back to March 2016. Its title is “Miitomo” and will be free to play with microtransactions. Your Miis communicate with other Miis while you’re away, “revealing a side of your friends you never knew”. It seems to be a spinoff of Tomodachi Life. This is the first of five smartphone games Nintendo plans to put out by March 2017. Other games will be pay-to-own.

There will be a new rewards program called My Nintendo that acts much like Club Nintendo’s. Buying games will net you digital discounts, physical goods, or exclusive digital items like Mii Plaza hats. Your bonuses can extend to stores, movie theatres, and theme parks, which seems to chart a clear course for things Nintendo will announce in the coming months.

No new NX details at this time besides Miyamoto reassuring the audience that they’ll be “aggressive in their use of IPs” on the console.

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