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January 17, 2018 | by Ryan
Nintendo Labo Contruction Kits Announced For Switch

When Google Cardboard failed to take the world by storm, you might have thought that the fibrous material and high-tech concepts would go their separate ways. This proved not to be the case when Nintendo made an announcement “for kids and kids at heart”: a cardboard-based building system and game combo known as Nintendo Labo.

In a short, yet packed trailer, Nintendo demonstrated the scope of Nintendo Labo. Featuring a multitude of buildable cardboard objects such as pianos, fishing rods, robot backpacks, and more, the Nintendo Labo system marries the inherent versatility of the Switch’s Joy-Cons to easily constructable and playable peripherals.

Once the item of choice is built, the player simply needs to slot in their Joy-Cons for a full, physical play experience. In addition to the aforementioned items, the trailer also features a motorbike, a fishing rod, and even vibrating Joy-Con “RC Cars” controlled from the Switch’s touchscreen.

The Nintendo Labo experience will be sold in two packs. The first is the “Variety Kit,” which includes two RC Cars, a Fishing Rod, Piano, Motorbike, and a “House,” along with the appropriate software. The second is the “Robot Kit,” which features a backpack, headset, and hand and foot connectors to make the player assume control of a giant robot. The Variety Kit sells for $69.99, while the Robot Kit goes for $79.99.

Players will also be able to purchase a “Customization Set,” which includes Nintendo stickers, stencils, and tape. While it might seem like a novelty, Nintendo Labo is an interesting experiment in peripheral creation, which also just seems fun as hell. If this had come when I was a kid, I would’ve been all over it.

Nintendo Labo launches in North America on April 20th.

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