June 16, 2015 | by Kay
Nintendo is coming to Skylanders Supercharged
You got your Amiibo in my Skylanders!

Looks like two toy worlds are colliding! Donkey Kong and Bowser are going to be guest characters in the new Skylanders game, Skylanders Superchargers. Armed with weapons and vehicles, two new figurines of the characters that can act as both Skylanders figures and Amiibo are going to be released. DK sporting a yellow outfit and a barrel vehicle with a sidecar for Diddy, and can use ladder pieces from the sky. Bowser is able to transform into Magma Bowser and wield a massive hammer, with Koopas and Dry Bones also appear as part of his variety of attacks. His vehicle resembles the Koopa Clown Car, but more specifically his kart from Mario Kart DS, the Hurricane.

Skylanders Superchargers will reportedly be reving up “this fall”.

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