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March 8, 2018 | by Michael
Nintendo Direct 3/8 Roundup

E3 is on the horizon but Nintendo isn’t done with spring and summer. Today Nintendo ran through a handful of announcements prepping us for warm weather months. So while you sit inside and sizzle, see what Nintendo has planned for you.

WarioWare Gold

If you thought Nintendo had forgotten about Wario’s weird games, you were only a little right. WarioWare Gold is a collection of previous mini-games from other WarioWare games and a handful of new ones. Coming on August 3rd for the 3DS only, Nintendo did hint some crossover from other games but that’s about it. Nice to see some WarioWare love, but man, this isn’t what we all truly desire.

Okami HD

Okami has already received an HD update and port to other modern consoles and now you’ll get to play it on your Switch. The trailer showed the touch controls and Joycon motion controls being used to mimic Okami’s paint mechanic. You’ll have to wait until summer if you want to play this classic on your Switch.

Octopath Traveler

John has told me at least two times to play the Octopath Traveler demo and I still haven’t. Each time Nintendo shows it off I’m still intensely impressed and we now know it’ll be coming out July 13th this year. They keep showing off new characters and mechanics and more and more Octopath Traveler reminds me of the older RPGs I played as a kid.

Travis Strikes Again –

(Note: John wrote this part) Really surprised with what they’re doing with Travis Strikes Again! I didn’t really expect an actual NMH, since Suda has said in the past this isn’t NMH3, but a top-down view is really surprising. This looks like a fun-enough arcadey game that I hope introduces people to NMH and its style. Plus, I’m pretty sure that was a character from Read Only Memories in that trailer. If they end up putting Jill or Dana from VA-11 HALL-A in there I’ll flip out.

Dark Souls + Amiibo –

Yes you read that correctly. Not only is the punishing Dark Souls coming to the Switch, there will also be Dark Souls amiibo. Solaire of Astora amiibo and Dark Souls is coming May 25th.

Mario Tennis Aces

Yep, this is a Mario tennis game. Bunch of characters, each play differently, and honestly you know how this will play way before you touch it. There is a new zone hit mechanic, that turns tennis into a bit of a fighting game. Your tennis racket has health, lose it all and you forfeit. The zone shot system seems like a needed layer of strategy and style to a sometimes boring tennis game. There are other, more powerful shots, online multiplayer, simple rules modes, and Wii Sports-like motion controls. Seems like Nintendo went all out for Mario Tennis Aces, which is getting released on June 22nd.

Crash Bandicoot Nsane Trilogy

Yes, really. Crash Bandicoot is coming to Nintendo. The HD rerelease of the first three games is coming to the Nintendo Switch. This already sold really, really well on Playstation and I imagine a Switch port will do even better. Coming on June 10th.

Super Smash Brothers

2018 and Splatoon. In what looked like a teaser for more Splatoon content, Nintendo tricked us all by revealing a Smash logo. Not much else was revealed. New game? Port of Smash 4? No clue. But that was Breath of the Wild Link instead of the original. We’ll find out soon enough, as Smash Bros on Switch is coming sometime this year.

Everything Else –

There was plenty of other little tidbits. Bower’s Inside Story is getting a 3DS port sometime in 2019, we saw a bit more of Detective Pikachu not being Danny Devito, and coming sometime this year Luigi’s Mansion is getting a 3DS port.

For the Switch get ready for exploring with a port of Captain Toad, also coming to 3DS, on July 13th, Little Nightmares is finally coming out on May 18th, South Park: Fractured But Hole is disappointing on April 24th, Hyrule Warriors‘ port is releasing May 18th, Splatoon 2 will get more updates including the first non-free expansion “Octo.” That Octo expansion is coming this summer for $19.99.

Not bad for a spring update but we’re still waiting on updates for Fire Emblem on Switch, whatever that Yoshi game will be, and plenty more. There’s still a lot of time between now and E3 but I bet we’ll have to wait until June to hear anything about those bigger titles.

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