May 7, 2015 | by John
Nintendo Attractions Coming to Universal Theme Parks

In a press release sent out after their fiscal meeting today, Nintendo announced that they would be partnering with Universal theme parks to create attractions based on their properties.

Not much has been confirmed, as the press releases are mostly self-congratulatory information about the companies. However, this is a huge step forward for Nintendo’s liscensing, and hopefully means we’ll see more Nintendo properties being put to use outside of games.

One other thing to note is how long it may take for these attractions to open. My father worked for Disney, and I heard him talking about the construction of the Expedition: Everest roller coaster for months, even years after it was announced. Rides and other attractions can take a while, and this announcement was just made. Don’t book your tickets to Orlando juuuust yet. For now, get excited that Nintendo is loosening their iron grip on their properties.

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