June 15, 2016 | by VGCC Staff
Nintendo Announces New IP, Ever Oasis

At today’s Nintendo Treehouse event at E3, Nintendo announced a brand new action RPG titled Ever Oasis for the Nintendo 3DS. Ever Oasis looks to be one part dungeoneering, one part city management sim. You play as Tethu, a young boy or girl tasked with restoring your oasis by placing shops and encouraging very rich bird people named Noots to visit your village and spend their hard earned water.

In dungeons, you can have up to 3 party members which you can switch between at any time. In fact, it’s necessary to in order to get past character specific obstacles and puzzles. Not only that, but in combat certain characters are more effective than others against certain enemies. It’ll require some on the fly testing to figure out what’s effective and what isn’t.

Ever Oasis features a really refreshing aesthetic. Heavy desert themes and Egyptian inspiration come off as really striking. You can see an impressive amount of attention to detail in the character and world design, even with the 3DS’s graphical limitations.

The game comes from some serious pedigree being developed by Grezzo games and headed by Koichi Ishii. Ishii has done significant work on the Final Fantasy series, as well as Mana series. Grezzo as a studio is best known for their work on the 3DS Legend of Zelda games, including the remakes of Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask. You can see plenty of Legend of Zelda influence in the dungeon sections of the game.

This game looks neat, but unfortunately there isn’t a release date as of yet. Considering the E3 demonstration was localized just before it was shown off, it’s not hard to imagine the rest of the game might be a little ways off.

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