June 10, 2016 | by Ryan
New PS4 Confirmed By Sony

Not even a week ahead of E3, Sony has confirmed a new, higher-end version of the PS4 is in development. Rumored to be codenamed “Neo,” the new system is, according to Sony’s CEO and president Andrew House, intended to “sit alongside and complement” the standard PS4.

Exactly what this means is anyone’s guess, but House confirmed the newer model will be more expensive than the $350 current PS4, and is apparently meant for “hardcore gamers.” This upgraded version will support 4KTV sets, as well as provide a better experience for those wanting to dip into Playstation VR.

Previously, many were concerned that the introduction of a new PS4 would require developers to create different versions of games for each instance of the console. However, House mentions that “all games will support the standard PS4 and…all or a very large majority of games will also support the high-end PS4.”

Despite this confirmation, the brand spankin’ new PS4 won’t be found at this year’s E3. According to House, this is because Sony wants to ensure this new console will arrive at E3 with plenty of content to flaunt, and thus be worth showing. Not much else had been said about the upgrade- there’s no release date or price, although rumors place it at $399.

With Microsoft likely discussing their two new Xbox Ones at E3 this week, it’ll be interesting to see how Sony responds, or if they’ll even mention this new platform at the conference. Only time will tell, but haven’t you always wanted two of the same console?

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