August 5, 2015 | by Niall
New Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Footage Hits, Looks Incredible

EA showed off a brand new gameplay trailer for Mirror’s Edge Catalyst at Gamescom this morning, giving us our first real taste of what to expect when the game ships early next year. The gameplay demo shows Faith infiltrating a research facility at night, before meeting some unexpected resistance.

A number of things stand out to me already, based off this initial glimpse at the game, but perhaps none is more important than the fluidity with which Faith moves around the world. I was a huge fan of the original game, but admittedly, at times, Faith’s movements felt not quite as smooth as DICE had clearly intended, and it looks like they’ve spent significant time on tying Faith’s various movements and attacks together into a way that feels more natural. The attention to detail that’s gone into having objects in the world realistically shatter and break as Faith kicks opponents into them is welcome, as is the indication that the game will indeed stick to it’s distinctive visual stylings, rather than rebooting the world completely.

I’m still chomping at the bit to get my hands on a copy of the game, and February can’t come soon enough for me. Check out the footage below.

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