July 12, 2015 | by Ryan
New Hitman Alpha Footage Leaks

One of the big name titles Square Enix previewed at E3 was a new installment in the Hitman franchise, slated for release December 8th. Not much was said aside from vague details about a digital release that would be updated with content as time went on. Now a series of clips featuring very rough alpha footage have leaked, and although they don’t show the game “in all its glory,” they certainly show something.

It’s likely the clips will be taken down soon, but they feature a single mission of Agent 47 attempting to do the stuff he normally does. Even without the large disclaimer plastered on the screen, it’s pretty clear the game is in a rough build – hopefully the music won’t be as clunky and the AI not as terrible.

View some of the more substantial clips below:


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