May 21, 2015 | by Michael
Need For Speed Is Back!

After a short hiatus the Need For Speed franchise is being rebooted. Announced today, and developed by NFS: Rivals developer Ghost Games, the newest Need For Speed game will combine the Most Wanted and Underground games into one. The Underground side will bring the street racing, car customization, and “authentic urban car culture” back into the game while Most Wanted will bring the boys in blue. Those are probably the sets of games most fans of series enjoy the most. I myself was enchanted by the Underground games as it still has a few songs from the OST in my iTunes.

Of course we won’t see much more of this new game until E3. I would expect a full trailer and hopefully some gameplay out of EA by then and maybe, just maybe, a release date. So far all we know that it will be out for PS4, Xbox One,  and PC sometime this fall.

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