June 12, 2017 | by Scott B
More Gameplay Of Days Gone At E3

Sony showed off more gameplay at this year’s E3 of their upcoming open world zombie shooter, Days Gone. Players will take the role of a cisgender biker man that clearly doesn’t like being around people, but is pretty saavy in an apocalypse. The trailer had way less of a focus on shooting compared to last years, and instead placed a bigger emphasis on quick time events and using various tools in order to navigate a harsh environment. Not only are the humans zombies either, but there’s also a variety of zombie animals to contend with such as wolves and bears. Hopefully with a bigger emphasis on emergent gameplay systems, Days Gone could stand out among the myriad of zombie shooters on the market.

Scott is a proud sword owner and gamer of honor. He's also on the "wrestling" "podcast" Wrestling on Air.

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