June 14, 2015 | by VGCC Staff
Mobile Fallout Game Announced For Release Tonight
New game “Fallout Shelter” is coming to touchscreens very soon.

UPDATE: Pete Hines has confirmed via Twitter that an Android version is also on the way.

After previewing some of Fallout 4’s concept art, Bethesda announced an entirely new game titled Fallout Shelter, a free game for iOS touchscreen phones, set to release tonight after their conference.

The game puts player in the position of Overseer, allowing them to build their own Vault and manage their Vault-dwellers. The Vault itself is expandable and designed by the player. Vault-dwellers can enter the Wasteland gather loot for the Vault, have their own items, their own weapons and armor, and earn experience to level up with their stats. The game reportedly has no “paywall timers” or other freemium gameplay blocks, although players can purchase lunchboxes for more Wasteland loot. Fallout Shelter will be available later tonight for free download on iOS devices. Exciting.

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