June 14, 2017 | by Michael
Miyamoto Confirms Pikmin 4 Still in Development

While Nintendo certainly brought the thunder to E3 this year there was one game curiously missing, Pikmin 4. Miyamoto had casually mentioned to Eurogamer in 2015 that a fourth Pikmin was being worked on and “actually very close to completion.” However since then only a Pikmin 3DS game has been announced, and the mainline series hasn’t been mentioned at all. Once again speaking to Eurogamer, Miyamoto updated the status of Pikmin 4 to “progressing” and added that he has “been told not to share anything about this from PR.”

Nintendo is notorious for some long development cycles focused on polish, so maybe Pikmin 4 is just getting some final touches added to it. Or maybe the 3DS game was finished ahead of schedule and to avoid sales confusion the main series was delayed. It’s not like the Switch is hurting for more titles or hardware sales this year, so a silent push into 2018 might be a good idea.

Either way I’m still excited for another title for Pikmin, no matter what people may say, I’ve yet to see that series make a bad game.

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