January 23, 2015 | by Michael
Michael’s Intro


First off I need to make a confession, I’ve never ridden a train before. I have traveled via subway, bus, car, boat, airplane, and my own two feet. But a bonafide, runs on the rail, train ride has eluded me for nearly 3 decades. And now here I am.

I have ridden the metaphorical writing train before. If many of you have visited Giantbomb you may remember their old sister site Screened.com. For a 2 years I moderated that lovely, tight knit, community before getting the chance to become Site Editor and Community Manager. I eventually found my stride and knew what I was doing was something special. Unfortunately it only lasted a year before being shuddered and now I’m beginning a new chapter here on this crazy train and that feeling that I’m about to participate in something special is returning.

Video games have always been a part of my life in some form. As a kid I bothered my brother to play his SNES so much my parents eventually got me one too. When I was a teenager games were where I could jump into digital worlds and escape my typical nerd high school experience and my parent’s messy divorce. In college they were a surprising connecting tissue among so many eventual friends who I still have to this day. And now games do so much for me. I can experience different viewpoints, meet amazing people, and still recall those emotions from my early childhood when my brother taught me how to throw a hadouken.

I hope I can jump in, headfirst, and begin making a difference and adding interesting and fun content.

I’m Michael, I’m all aboard, now let’s see what happens.

Managing Editor around here, moderator over at Giant Bomb, writer at prowrestling.cool

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