June 16, 2015 | by VGCC Staff
Metroid Prime Federation Force Announced

A spinoff of the Metroid Prime franchise is coming to 3DS in 2016.

Nindendo showed off a new trailer for Metroid Prime Federation Force at their digital event. The game will be a 3DS exclusive and looks to be focused on 4 player co-op missions set in the Metroid universe.

The game will also have a Metroid Blastball competitive mode, which was previously shown off at the Nintendo World Championships. A short trailer showed off different colored armored mercs working together to complete missions, along with what looked like a 3v3 game that tasked players with shooting a ball into their opponent’s goals for score points. How much of an impact this game will have on the Metroid series, as a main series title or spin-off game, remains to be seen but it still looks kinda fun.

Watch the trailer below.

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