June 12, 2016 | by VGCC Staff
Mass Effect: Andromeda Blasts Off [UPDATED]

A year after its debut, Mass Effect: Andromeda has made another appearance on the E3 stage. It looks to feature a brand new story in a new setting, but featuring some familiar aliens. Also, the new player character doesn’t have Commander Shepard’s voice actress, so it’s likely to be a brand new protagonist. This is the first Mass Effect game to use the impressive Frostbite engine. While there’s no set release date, it’s slated to ship as early as this fall.

Update 6/13: Bioware has announced the game is in its last leg of development, aiming for a Spring 2017 release. The Protagonist will be named “Ryder”, and while character customization will remain, a female version of Ryder will be treated as the default main character.

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