November 15, 2017 | by Michael
Marvel Heroes Shuts Down

Marvel and Disney announced today that they’ll be ending the development and support of Marvel Heroes, a free to play Diablo-like on PC and consoles, along with their working relationship with developer Gazillion Entertainment. Marvel Heroes has been around since 2013, and has often been praised for the developer’s continual updates and events within the game. Heroes would often have tie-ins with ongoing Marvel movies and shows, which made it feel like an extension Marvel’s grander entertainment plans.

Gazillion had suddenly disappeared recently, skipping out on their weekly updates and not following through on a Thor: Ragnarok tie in and Halloween event. Most fans assumed that something had to be happening and sure enough, they were right.

Four years is a long time to keep any kind of large scale, free to play title running, and Marvel Heroes was certainly successful. Perhaps Marvel and Disney are looking to reassess their current license holders, or maybe Marvel Heroes just wasn’t generating the revenue like they used to.

No word on how long Marvel Heroes’ servers will stay up, or if, kind of like Deadpool, the game will just get de-listed once the license completely expires. Hopefully, Gazillion has proven themselves enough to get the chance to create another wonderful game with another company soon.

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