June 10, 2019 | by Elvie
Manage a Space Station as a Benevolent AI in Starmancer

Described as a “Dwarf Fortress-inspired game in space”, Ominux Games has dropped the trailer of a more developed build of their Kickstarter-backed project, Starmancer.

Players control an artificial intelligence that is held responsible to oversee a modular space station. You have the power to build bustling space ports, develop economies, or even oversee pleasant gardens. Your insular world is not immune to outside threats, and it is in players’ hands on whether or not they want to intervene with the potential threats of invaders and dangerous elements that can impact the human residents’ frail lifespans. But don’t worry, Ominux says, “you can always grow more humans”.

Chucklefish Games, known for having published Stardew Valley, has taken up the helm on putting their hands into the distribution of the game. In addition to their record success with Stardew, the company has also had their hands in another space-themed game, having developed Starbound, the procedurally-generated space sandbox game.

Slated for release in Q1 2020, Starmancer is currently up for pre-order and is still in beta access.

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