May 19, 2016 | by Ryan
Leaks Reveal New Destiny Expansion

According to a leak on Reddit, new promotional items have revealed an upcoming expansion for Destiny, titled Rise of Iron. Bungie employees have confirmed the authenticity of the poster, and although nothing has been set in stone, the release date is expected for September.

According to these sources, Rise of Iron is loosely based on a raid cut from Destiny’s past House of Wolves DLC. Apparently, it’ll also include more content than Destiny’s first two DLC packs. The poster, which features Iron Banner regulator Lord Saladin, implies that the DLC might be connected to the regular Iron Banner PVP event- but it’s not clear how.

Considering Bungie shifted the target release of Destiny 2 from 2016 to 2017, it’s likely Rise of Iron is intended to fill the sequel’s vacated fall date. Destiny 2 has also recently been “rebooted,” with Taken King director Luke Smith helming the project. It’s not clear entirely what the destiny of these games is, but more news is sure to follow in the wake of these leaks.

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