November 3, 2015 | by Ryan
Konami Might Be Planning New Metal Gear Title

About two months ago, reports came out that Konami was in the process of ceasing all AAA production. That may not be entirely true, but the company is definitely shifting towards smaller-scale games. With that in mind, let’s get back on Konami’s Wild Ride for yet another spin – rumors have surfaced that the company is definitively considering producing a new Metal Gear title.

Despite the fact that many people currently perceive Konami as going up in flames, Metal Gear Solid V has proven itself to be a hit, selling five million copies thus far and raking in plenty of critical praise. So, the idea of a follow-up of some kind isn’t too surprising. But with everything that’s gone down at Konami (as if you need another reminder), what the hell would this follow-up be? In the print edition of today’s Nikkei Konami feels a “large-scale investment will become necessary” when they start development.

A phrase like that seems to indicate a game on the AAA scale, but literally nothing can be said for sure. This game could be a full-blown all-platform sequel, a small-scale mobile endeavor, or, yes, a pachinko machine. Assuming that it’ll be an AAA game, what can be said for Kojima’s involvement? The fallout from that was such an ordeal it’s unlikely that he’d be dying to get involved, especially since he seems to have finally parted ways with the company. But then again, Konami insists he’s “on vacation,” even though Konami has apparently just killed around 35 jobs by shutting down Kojima’s LA studio, according to a rumor posted by Duke Nukem creator George Broussard:

Whatever happens with this rumored Metal Gear title, if it gets made at all, will be just another brick in the wall of Konami’s House of Crazy. On one hand, something like a mobile title or gambling machine will surely manage to inspire even more anger at the company. On the other, a AAA sequel not involving Kojima will probably put off a lot of dedicated fans – but after how well MGSV has performed so far, is that even an issue anymore? Konami can apparently sell Metal Gear with or without Kojima, and what that means for the future of the series is anyone’s guess.

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