Kerbal Space Program
October 4, 2016 | by Michael
Kerbal Space Program Suffers Departures; May Cease Updates

Kerbal Space Program may be an incredible game, but its developer, Squad, has had some nasty accusations aimed their way in the past. Those concerns always seemed to slide by as Kerbal just keep getting better and finally saw a full release. Even though its console debut was…poor…there was always hope the game would get updated and get better, just like when it was in early access. Those hopes and dreams may unfortunately be dead on arrival.

Eight members of the development staff, from the programming, QA, and community teams, all left at once via an announcement on Reddit. This follows after head programmer Felipe Falanghe’s departure earlier this year. This all comes just about a month after the game’s 1.2 update, which will probably be its last. Without the original programmer and the majority of Kerbal’s team to support it, I can’t imagine Squad will be able to slap another update together.

It’s such a shame that a wonderful game like Kerbal has to be wracked with such trouble. Squad continues to have ex-employee after ex-employee claim the company doesn’t pay well, scrimps on contractor rates, and forces long work days and weeks. Squad did confirm that there were departures, but the only official announcement as of late is about hiring on more employees and preparing for the next update.

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