May 31, 2017 | by Michael
Kerbal Space Program Bought by Take-Two

The publisher behind games like Grand Theft Auto and Civilization, Take-Two Interactive, has added the beloved indie title Kerbal Space Program to their roster of games. Squad, Kerbal’s sometimes troubled developer, announced the acquisition in a blog post proclaiming they’ll still work hard to put out free updates and DLC as promised. This is a giant leap for Squad who suffered from several waves of departures just last October, and were dangerously close to ceasing all future updates, not to mention claims that Squad underpays and overworks its employees.

No matter the previous concerns, getting scooped up by Take-Two will certainly keep Squad and Kerbal’s future very bright. Since Kerbal has already been ported to consoles, I have to assume the acquisition means something else is coming our way from Squad some time soon. Hopefully this means Kerbal can add a nice layer of polish before Squad moves onto a new game, and Squad’s previous shady business practices can be left in the past.

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