July 2, 2015 | by John
Keiji Inafune’s Legend Returns in Red Ash

Hey, remember Mighty No. 9?  And how that’s pretty much Mega Man, but not really? Remember Bloodstained, Yooka-Laylee….oh you get the point. Keiji Inafune is scheduled to have a panel at Anime Expo this weekend, and to incentivize people to go, Comcept has posted a teaser trailer for what seems to be an announcement that will happen at the panel.

Boy, that sure looks like Mega Man Legends, huh? I mean, that dude with the red eyes looks like Tiesel, there’s an almost-Bonne logo on the brooch of a girl, and the music sounds just like Legends tracks. Inafune has always been vocal about his love for Mega Man Legends, and was deeply saddened by the cancelation of Legends 3 for 3DS a few years ago. I’m sure some people may be happy to have a spiritual successor, but for me, I wanted to see the end of that story, I wanted to see Mega Man get off the moon. Similar gameplay and art direction might not be enough for me. But we’ll see how this shakes out on July 4th.

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