April 23, 2015 | by John
Jason Vorhees Koming to MKX May 5th

Mortal Kombat X’s first piece of Kombat Pack DLC will be rising from Crystal Lake soon. Jason Vorhees, the lumbering ski-masked beast, will be available to download May 5th if you bought him in the DLC pack or purchased the premium edition of the game. Those of us who only want him on his lonesome have to wait until the 12th, most likely for five bucks.

Buying the Kombat Pack, as previously mentioned, nets you Tanya, Predator, and Tremor along with Jason and a bevy of alternate costumes for the cast. If you’re worried about spending money on Jason before knowing he’s good, a living tower will be active for a while after he releases, allowing you to play as him without paying.

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