August 8, 2015 | by Kay
Japanese LGBT Community Speaks Out About New Fire Emblem

Looks like Americans aren’t the only ones mad about some of the questionable content in the newest Fire Emblem game.

Fire Emblem: Fates, called Fire Emblem IF in Japan, has attracted more than a little criticism from fans for having homophobic content. Most of the vocal outrage has been coming from the west, something defenders of the game have used to wave away criticism as being “western-only”, treating it as something Japanese people don’t care about. This, of course, ignores the growing LGBT movement in Japan, who are also speaking out about the game.

Japanese Lesbian website Gachirezu has put out an article discussing the character Soliel and the poor writing and gross plotting involved with her. I recently put out a piece calling out the disgusting treatment of the character by the game. The comments section on this article mirrors many of my own thoughts, expressing disgust and disappointment with the character’s treatment.

Soliel isn’t the only thing Japanese fans are disappointed in. A campaign has been launched online pointing out the problems with the gay marriage system within the game. This flies in the face of arguments that only western fans care about these issues. Its clear that Japanese fans are just as disapointed with the game’s homophobic failings as western fans. Hopefully, Nintendo will listen to both groups and work to make sure this doesn’t happen in the future.

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  • Despite the Japanese trend of showing female-female attraction as something to ‘fix,’ and other elements of Japanese homophobia being what enabled this regrettable content in the first place

    It’s really wonderful to hear that Japanese fans, members of queer movements, etc, are just as upset! I had heard a little about this controversy in months previous but I’m distressed to get a full look at it.

    I hope the localization, when it comes, is done v e r y carefully. It may not be likely, but I’m going to cross my fingers and hope for a revisionist ‘translation’ that changes these plot elements. (It sadly won’t change the fact that all her marriage options are male….siiiiigh. :/ )

  • It’s great to hear more about the LBGT community in Japan and their response. I don’t think folks are ignoring them. It’s just that we don’t know, are aware, or have access to other communities in different cultures. To talk to them.

    The support conversation was poorly written. In no way, Fire Emblem’s content was intentionally created to be homophobic. I seen so much criticism towards Nintendo games like Tomodachi Life for not having gay marriage. They did issue a letter stating that they will include that.

    Wasn’t Fire Emblem Fates going to include gay marriage in the first place after how successful Fire Awakening was? Nintendo is listening to its audience. Fire Emblem Fates is the first game in the franchise to include gay marriage. It’s a new direction. Unfortunately, mistakes happen and misunderstandings occur due to culture barriers and become a big mess. The support conversation and the character is poorly written. It doesn’t make the game homophobic.

    I was a little upset with the first article “IF You’re Defending Fire Emblem Fates, You’re Still Wrong” implying those who defend the game are wrong. Folks who grew up with the game. It’s hard to feel regardless of gender when something unintentional happens.

    I didn’t want to discriminate others who is defending the game or disliking the game for the controversial content. There shouldn’t be any blame. Just talk and discuss it out. I hope my comment doesn’t cause any misunderstandings.

    Been trying to think about other games in the past or present that struggled the same way Fire Emblem franchise had.

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