May 31, 2018 | by Janie
Janie’s Intro Post

Hey guys, I’m Janie, and I’m one of this freshman class of new hires! You’ll see me around the site writing articles on only the hottest gaming news.

I’m currently a stressed college student in the frigid wastelands of west New York, but I’m originally from New Jersey, home of the best bagels and not much else! 

I pass the time playing an eclectic mix of games. I love indie games, so if it’s got a cool aesthetic and a good soundtrack, I’ve probably played it. My faves include Celeste, Sword and Sworcery, and anything by Supergiant. I also love strategy and tactics games like XCOM or Battletech, despite being pretty bad at them. My love of cool narratives has conned me into being a fan of immersive sims (RIP) like Dishonored, as well as RPGs. I spent probably too much time in high school writing up ridiculous backstories for my Dragon Age characters (once you’re making a family tree, you’re in too deep).

My first console was a Playstation 2, so the original Star Wars Battlefront games will always hold a special place in my heart. I also grew up playing PC games, the first game I ever got really obsessed with was Spore, a super weird yet wonderful game that I’ll defend to this day. These days I play games mostly on PC or Switch.

When I’m not playing video games, I spend my time reading sci-fi and running a probably irresponsible number of tabletop rpg campaigns. I also do some game design of my own, writing games in twine.

What I love most about games are the unique ways that they can create narrative. I love hearing the stories people tell after playing games, whether it’s the story of their RPG character, or of a dramatic battle in a tactics game, or of a quiet and lonely discovery in an exploration game. There’s something creative inherent in playing a game, and the things we talk about after we put down the controller demonstrate that in a way I find really cool. As a writer here, I hope I get to hear some of your cool stories, and to share some of mine in return!

I’m so excited to be joining the site, VGCC is an awesome community that I’m looking forward to contributing to!

Janie's just a cool gal who likes writing about games

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