March 20, 2015 | by John
It Seems Like We Know the Rest of MKX’s Roster Now

According to a press release Test Your Might recieved, the rest of the DLC characters in MKX have been officially revealed, with Predator, Tremor, and Tanya confirmed to fill the Kombat pack. Each new character comes with costumes, and two of these costumes (a classic skin for Liu Kang and a Carl Weathers skin for Jax) confirm these characters for the standard roster. I’m guessing that these last few reveals, coupled with leaked screenshots of Baraka and newcomer Erron Black, rounds out the whole roster for this game. Here’s a video showing the character models of the DLC characters.

The packs are broken down as follows:

-The Ultimate Horror Pack:
Playable character Jason Voorhees.
Horror skins Vampiress Mileena, Kraken Reptile, and Pharaoh Ermac.

-The Klassic Pack #1:
Playable character Tanya.
Klassic skins for Kano, Sonya and Liu Kang

-The Predator and Prey Pack:
Playable character Predator.
Predator-themed skins Commando Johnny, Infrared Scorpion, and Carl Weathers as Jax.

-The Klassic Pack #2:
Playable character Tremor.
Klassic skins for Quan Chi, Jax, and Kung Lao.

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