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October 13, 2017 | by Michael
IGN Acquires Humble Bundle

The charity driven bundling service known as Humble Bundle has a new owner: IGN. Yes, that IGN. The massive gaming/entertainment website now owns a game publisher and arbiter. Both IGN and Humble have been very direct by stating this won’t change anything for either company, Humble will continue to operate as is just with more resources, and IGN will keep Humble independent from the rest of their business. This could be a very good thing for Humble, especially if they were struggling, however nothing about this deal feels right.

For one, IGN runs a gaming review and news site. Owning a gaming publisher and store on the side while you’re reviewing and discussing the same games is a little murky. Granted if the two companies do stay independent and separate, then hopefully this will all work out. One would hope, however, that IGN and their parent company J2 Global would really examine how the two businesses will operate, to insure they stay away from one another.

Humble has been one of the best bundling sites out there. They’ve committed to their charity push, recently announcing they’ve donated a total of $100 million in their lifespan, and provide a wonderful service to consumers. I really hope this serves Humble well because right now the pessimist inside me is setting off alarm bells.

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