March 20, 2015 | by John
I’d Buy That PSN Flash Sale Game For a Dollar!

If you’re like me, you have an extra dollar or two in your PSN wallet from buying points cards and not using it all. Today, Sony decided to be nice and is letting us clear out our wallets and fill up our backlogs.

Every game in this latest flash sale is under a buck, the cheapest being eighty cents. Honestly, there’s a lotta stinkers on here (like the friggin Despicable Me game for….PSP? What?), but there’s some great games as well. Katamari Damacy, Gravity Rush, Mega Man X4 and X5, and way more. You can find a full list on the Playstation blog post. I’m probably gonna pick up Wild Arms and Zeno Clash 2.


John Michonski is Video Game Choo Choo's Editor in Chief. He's a fun man who likes to do good.

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