November 13, 2017 | by Michael
Hulu ‘Hitman’ Series Indirectly Confirms Two More Hitman Games

When IO Interactive was suddenly set off into the independent sea of storms, quite a few of us were worried. 2016’s Hitman was a fresh and wonderful take on the long lasting franchise and the idea that the game and its developer would be sent into the sunset afterward was upsetting. But now IO Interactive is coming out with Hitman GOTY Edition and doubling their efforts to grow the franchise and find success without a publisher.

Announced today was a new Hitman series being developed for Hulu. The series’ pilot will be written by John Wick creator Derek Kolstad who will also produce. In the final line of the announcement on Deadline, one of the better sources of TV and movie news, the site confirms that two new Hitman games are being worked on at the moment by IO. This is the first real confirmation that Hitman’s second season isn’t the only new source of Agent 47 we’ll be getting.

This announcement falls in line with a recent quote in a blog post by IO’s CEO Hakan Abrak where he says the “next Hitman game” is coming. It wasn’t clear if this just meant season 2 of 2016’s Hitman, or an entirely new title. Now it may be both.

IO is clearly putting in overtime into the Hitman franchise and have confirmed they’re seeking more partners for future development. Being cast aside by Square may have been for the best after all.

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