April 4, 2016 | by Michael
HTC Vive is Cancelling Pre-Orders Right Before Launch

Oculus Rift had some troubles meeting demand last week, and now the HTC Vive might be preparing to have troubles of their own in the days leading up to their launch on April 5th. Starting this past weekend, even people who had placed pre-orders months ago are now suddenly getting informed that their orders were cancelled without any warning.

A thread over on the HTC Vive subreddit is filled with users from all over the world describing their frustration and trouble trying to figure out what has happened. HTC is painting the cancellation as a financial institution problem, claiming banks don’t trust the payment process and are cancelling them. However plenty of the users are struggling to communicate with HTC’s customer service and keep their place in line as orders begin to ship.

Thankfully, it seems that HTC now has their customer service in order and anyone having problems over the weekend shouldn’t have any trouble now. However, this isn’t a great beginning for virtual reality. Granted both the Oculus and Vive utilize new hardware and are struggling to meet demand while machining new components. Both need to get ahead of these problems and be as honest and open as possible before it gets beyond their control.

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