November 4, 2016 | by Michael
Hitman Season 2 Confirmed

When Hitman was originally announced and launched, nothing was guaranteed. After months of Splatoon-style updates, adding new maps, locations, and timed elusive targets, it wasn’t promised that we’d be getting much more after the on-disc release early next year. Now IO Interactive has confirmed more is coming our way. Season 2 will be added to Hitman, and it will include new levels, new targets, and will even visit previous cities in new locations. Items and unlocks will carry over from Season 1, and it’ll still put out elusive targets on Season 1 levels, so hopefully you won’t need to buy Season 2 right away to continue to enjoy some of the new content.

No word about when Season 2 will start, or how much it might cost. Season 1 came with the $60 version of Hitman, but $60 seems crazy high for DLC. I’d settle for a $40 even if it meant a few less levels. Hopefully the disc release goes well and Season 2 comes soon enough, because I’m still not done sneaking around, and throwing soda cans at rock stars in their hotel penthouses.

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