January 25, 2016 | by Michael
Her Story 2 in Development

Sam Barlow, Her Story’s director and writer, tweeted out a blurred script for what will be Her Story 2. Luckily he admits that this sequel will have no story relation with the original. He gives little else in the way of information about what this sequel could be but I assume it’ll follow a similar design, using a search function to search through videos, and might carry over some themes from the original. Maybe you’ll continue to dig through police interrogations, piecing together a complex story, or maybe it’ll all be different and only the name will stay the same for branding’s sake.

Either way, it’s nice to see Barlow still making games of this ilk. Repeating an indie success story is never easy. The initial wave of indie games have seen developers like Jonathon Blow and Phil Fish go from making spectacular games to acting out reclusive and sometimes negative behavior. The internet and video game industry can be a cruel and even vile creative space, but Barlow has avoided that so far. Maybe this is a sign that indie games are continuing to grow and blossom within the industry.

And maybe this time Her Story 2 can even show up on consoles. Furthering the indie reach to the “average” video game player.

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