July 3, 2015 | by Devin
Hello, I’m Devin and I’m Here for War.
Except replace “war” with funny and insightful video game editorials.

Hello fellow Chooch readers, My name is Devin, and I’ll be writing editorials here at VGCC!  I’ll also be interviewing different people in the industry about what it’s like making games, so look forward to that! You might also be seeing reviews and videos from me in the near future, because I want to do everything a big boy writer does.

My writing will be gonzo critique, where I reflect on social topics in games close to me, such as adoption, sexuality and romance! I do my best to keep a sense of humor woven into anything I write, but when more serious matters come up I believe it’s my duty to cover them with the respect they deserve, assuming I’m equipped to discuss them at all.


If you have anything to share or would want to see me cover, or you just want to talk in general, you can talk to me on my Twitter. Peace!

Devin can neither confirm nor deny if he is the result of a massive experiment gone horribly right. Master of the Wu-Tang sword style.

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