June 10, 2019 | by Spencer
Griftlands features Tactical Card-based Action

Card games have long been used as proxies for combat between adversaries, duels between mages, and wars between kingdoms. Griftlands takes it one step further, and uses cards as proxies for conversations as well as combat.

Combined with its stylish art and minimalistic UI, Griftlands inspired take on card-based gameplay certainly looks interesting. A full two years after its reveal, Griftlands looks like a full house of adventure game exploration, turn-based combat, a frontier-esque setting, thoughtful card-themed gameplay, and sharp visual aesthetics.

You can get your hands on the alpha for Griftlands on July 11th. As far as card-based games go, this is one I think I can get behind.

Spencer is a skeleton from Florida's B-side, currently skulking around Washington state, and he always plays the thief in games.

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