November 10, 2014 | by Mike Cosimano
Games industry backs new ‘Game Awards’ show; produced by Geoff Keighley

Today, Variety revealed a new video game award show produced by Geoff Keighley, former producer of the Spike TV Video Game Awards, and backed by Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo, and a host of publishers including EA and Rockstar Games.

The event, simply titled ‘The Game Awards 2014’, will take place in Las Vegas and be simulcast on December 5th across various platforms including Xbox Live, PlayStation Network, and Steam. The respective heads of the major console platforms — Reggie Fils-Amie, Shawn Layden, and Phil Spencer of Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft, respectively — will serve on the show’s advisory board, among others.

“Gaming has never been stronger, and this year we will celebrate the fastest-selling launch year ever for new game consoles, the dramatic rise of eSports and mobile gaming around the globe, and preview the games that will make 2015 the biggest year yet,” said Keighley in a statement released today.

When I first heard about this project a couple months ago, it was a new VGX to be shown on GameTrailers. I wonder what changed.

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