June 15, 2015 | by VGCC Staff
For Glory gives us 4v4 Sword Fighting Goodness
Knights vs. Samurai: The Reckoning

For Honor is a new game revealed in Ubisoft’s press conference take puts you and three other friends in the thick of war against a rival team of four. The game sports a new combat system that promises the feeling and weight of real weapons as you attempt to strike, parry, and out maneuver your opponent. They showcased a live demonstration of the game where after running straight into the battlefield, two players face off against each other. One team red. The other team blue. Blue and Red carefully dance around each other for a bit before another member of team red attempts to help his friend, leaving blue to fend off two fighters until his friend can come help him.  The game’s battle system appears to warrant carefully timed strikes and parries in order to take down opponents effectively. For more details check out the game’s site forhonorgame.com


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