Though it has already been teased at before, today Developer Scott Cawthon officially announced the fourth entry in the popular Five Nights At Freddy’s horror game series. Set to release on Halloween of this year, the announcement was made via an image that can only be described as “extremely unpleasant”. As the title implies, this is supposed to be the last entry in the series, but if I’ve learned anything from horror franchises, it’s that the idea of a “final chapter” is a lie and that the franchise will keep going until it stops making money. I’m hoping for a fifth entry at the very least, if only so they can release a collection of all of them called Five Weeks At Freddy’s.

If nothing else, there’s a certain irony to this game getting announced on the same day that Silent Hills is offcially canceled.

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  1. Given that the rights have already been sold off to make the series into a movie, I think the creator would have the business sense to call it here before we reach total over-saturation and then bank on having the title card of “From the maker of Five Nights at Freddy’s” for every future project he makes from here out.