June 21, 2017 | by Michael
Fire Pro Wrestling World Enters Early Access on July 10th

It’s been five years since we saw a Fire Pro Wrestling game and that one was a lackluster, Xbox avatar infused entry. Luckily fans of the two-dimensional wrestling franchise that totally doesn’t recreate our favorite wrestlers from nearly every promotion were teased with a new Fire Pro. Fire Pro Wrestling World will be coming out on July 10th for $20 in early access on PC and eventually on PS4. The game’s developer, Spike Chunsoft, has promised that even in an early access state, the game will feel finished and at least include deathmatches, steel cages, battle royales, and online multiplayer.

Even with some excitement surrounding Fire Pro Wrestling World, it’s still unclear if this iteration will be successful. Entering early access might be the only way a Fire Pro game even gets made in 2017. However it may finally be easier to download those beloved mods and characters through Steam Workshop that really gives life and longevity to every wrestling franchise. Hopefully we’ll be still battling it out in barbed wire matches years from now.

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