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October 26, 2017 | by Michael
Fantasy Flight Jumping Into the Digital Game

If you’re into tabletop, you’ve probably heard of Fantasy Flight. They’ve made some of the more popular card, board, and miniature-based games in the last handful of years. Among their titles include a Game of Thrones board game, several Star Wars based titles, and of course their crown jewel Android: Netrunner. Now Fantasy Flight wants to open a new studio focused entirely on the digital realm of games.

Fantasy Flight Interactive is an empty website right now, but soon Fantasy Flight will begin working on jumping into video games. Tim Gerritsen, former studio head of Irrational Games and CEO of Human Head Games, will be heading up the new studio. There’s no other hint of what Fantasy Flight might start working on but with a history already based around specific designs it’s easy to guess. Netrunner helped popularize what’s often called a “living” card game and converting the already popular CCG into a video game would be pretty exciting. And the company’s history of making popular licences into fun and interesting tabletop games is intriguing since few video game studios can make anything fun with a license.

However video games aren’t easy. They take more time and money to create and even with experience behind you it’s still all to easy to fail. Hopefully Fantasy Flight has some strong ideas in their brain bank because I know I’ll be ready to see what this already talented company can create.

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