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June 21, 2018 | by John
Fangamer Launches Kickstarter for Switch Flip Grip

If you’re a retro game nerd, chances are the Switch has something to offer you. With the Arcade Archives series, the Namco Museum collection, and ports such as Ikaruga, playing old games portably is much easier than before. Such releases have a wide swath of options, modes, and other switches and levers to pull to accommodate how folks like to play. One mode, however, was a seemingly janky novelty: switching the console to a vertical format to emulate the taller screen of an arcade cabinet. That wonky option now has a peripheral to make it far more reasonable.

Video game paraphernalia distributor Fangamer and Retronauts host Jeremy Parish, as well as engineer Mike Choi, have partnered to make vertical mode for the titles a far simpler to use option. The Flip Grip, a new dock for Nintendo Switch, will allow you to hold your Switch vertically in a comfortable position. The Switch slides into the grip, and your Joycons are attached to the grip just like they would be on the console itself. You can still swap game carts and have your headphones plugged in while the Flip Grip is in use, but you can’t charge the console. A small price to pay to play Ikaruga exactly how it was meant to be played while still on the go.

Engineering and prototyping is already done for the peripheral, it’s all about manufacturing costs. Fangamer is asking for $42,500, and if you’re interested in picking up one of these for yourself, it’s just $12. For more information on the Flip Grip, check out the Kickstarter page, which will be running for 18 more days.

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