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June 10, 2018 | by Niall
Fallout 76 Sure Does Look Like A Fallout Game (UPDATED)


At the Bethesda E3 showcase, Todd Howard came out on stage to one of the most extravagant entrances I’ve ever seen for someone not employed by the WWE to take a deep dive on Fallout 76. The game will be set across six distinct regions in West Virginia, which will be full of new and unique creatures based off of local folklore.

Fallout 76 will also be entirely online, and focused on “an Open World Survival experience where the all the people you meet are real.” Todd referred to the survival elements of the game as a more “soft-core” survival, citing that players won’t lose progress when they die or switch servers like in games like Rust or Minecraft. He also claimed that players won’t even be seeing things like server lists or a distinction between different instances aside from the people they run into, but that you’ll be able to join friends’ sessions whenever you want.

The game seems to have a focus on the concept of rebuilding or “reclamation,” involving characters only just exiting the vaults intrinsic to Fallout’s setting and experiencing the recently apocalypse’d world. The game will allow you to build lots of different things in lots of different places with lots of different people, and all sorts of elements one would expect from an online game. Players will even be able to use weapons like nuclear missiles to completely destroy and change areas of the map, rendering them desolate (yet filled with fancy rewards).

Fallout 76 will be launching November 14th of this year, with a beta test at some point before release.


Details may still be sparse (and we’ll update this story later tonight when we know more), but Todd Howard hit the stage at Microsoft’s E3 briefing to show off a quick Fallout 76 trailer. What we do know is that the game is set in West Virginia and is a prequel to the other games in the Fallout series.

What’s most interesting though, is that according to Howard, 76 will be four time as large as Fallout 4, and while bigger isn’t necessarily better, for folks who get sucked into the series, it’s bound to be a huge selling point. Speaking of Fallout 4, Howard also announced that the game hits Xbox Game Pass today for subscribers.

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